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Filipina Dating

Yha nakaka miss ang pinas kaya kahit mna magulo dyn gus2 ko pa rin dyn talaga hinahanap hanap ko yan.


we had help who volunteered to do some voodoo stuff on our house growing up. it was pretty scary. she would tell us of dwarves visiting and she did sort of an incense around the house to expel it.

filipino culture is rich in it.

fabrizio B

a wonderful composition of mystics shots, like to touch the spirits


ces brumes sont étonnantes


Nice naman...

Ispiritista ba iyan?

Well... try kong magpausok dito sa Mandaluyong... For sure ipapablotter ako... Hehe!


Toujours aussi intéressant tes petits reportage très imagés !
Je suis content de renouer le dialogue avec toi...


Hi gusto ko lang sabihin na salamat sa mga pictures ng na pinost niyo. Nakakamiss kasi pinas eh. Anyhoo good blog!

Wim van der Meij

A fascinating series again Sid!

haggis basher

Maybe you should go back here and smoke out the bad spirits.

I'll miss your photo's, keep in touch.


I like smoked meat :-)

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